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Metaphysics Healings

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Metaphysics Healings

Metaphysics Healings

“Metaphysics Healings – The Instinct /The Cleansing/The Clearing Healing Techniques”

The Instinct experience during the In-vitro Scientific Laboratory research work in 2001 at the UK, made me realise the existence of Instinct ENERGY beyond this Body and medicines.

When I returned to India in 2003 with my Master’s Degree, I preferred to get my Healing done at Pranic Healing centre than visiting any hospital. I quietly did that, as not many people were aware of existence of such Energy Healing system.

After the Miraculous healing experience by the healers there. I choose to take up the Pranic Healing courses.

• Pranic Healing Basic to Advance Course, Pranic Healing Psycho Therapy Course to Arhatic Yoga and many more courses.

From there on, I thoroughly enjoy the process of healing/cleansing techniques over myself and I do it on a need by basis almost regularly.

In order to heal others, we need their permission; however, to heal my family and loved ones, I could do it as a token of Love !!

During those week days, People at work place would enquire, saying – Sampath, most of the times you appear calm and composed and above all you  look fresh even at the end of the day?!  How is it possible? I would just smile at them and leave the conversation.

When the enquiries got frequent, I decided to share my Secret that I always cleanse my Auras, Chakras – the Energy Centres!!

The moment I shared this, – I could witness an embarrassing Alien look from the enquirers at this.. ….because those days, The Instinct Healing/ The Energy Cleansing /Clearing concept weren’t made public and also not all the people could Connect with Such kind of healings or teachings. I decided that I would never ever share about this with anyone to avoid getting into an embarrassed situation from anyone, or at least at the work place.

Almost 2 decades now, It really feels wonderful as I’ve started to notice onto the Social Media flocking with such Healing techniques publicly!! And I see majority of the population Knows about this Studies now.

With this note, The Good news is, I’ve decided to bring more of Energy Cleansing/ Clearing Healing Techniques Publicly along with my workshops from now on.

Sampath Rani – “Metaphysics Healings – The Instinct / The Cleansing/The Clearing Healing Techniques”.

I am Super excited to be Announcing my plans of involving Cleansing /Belief Clearing/ Energy work Techniques into my Coaching and workshop sessions from now on.