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Highlights of Sampath’s Spiritual journey

Sampath Rani's Empowering Space

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I was told, you need to ASK God in order to receive anything that you desire!! ..For ages, I wasn’t aware on how and what to ASK? I rather had fun enjoying the process of each and every ritual.

And there comes a day when I’ve had questions and was seeking for the clarity .. At that time, I want to know how & whom do I ASK ? That is when the exploration began…. didn’t realise for how long this journey has been!

Enjoying this exploration so much so that … there has been learning in every moment..

They kept saying…..”It’s time that you serve and spread the knowledge” and I kept saying to them that I still need the clarity..

Evolving & learning seems to be a life long process,
My Spiritual Journey…. One of its kind!