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Success is in taking a Decision and making things work

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Success is in taking a Decision and making things work

“Success is in taking a Decision and making things work”

Ratan Tata said this :- I don’t believe in taking the right decisions. I take decisions and then make it right.

There have been so many successful people who have made decisions in life and made it work.

What’s the worst that could happen?

The questions in the mind come while taking a decision because we are not able to embrace “Uncertainty” and make it our best friend.

Yesterday, I was thinking on how have i been so far in decision making? 

yes, I have been always instant in making any decisions in life. 

Even when I was a Child, Yes- when we are kids taking permission from parents is mandatory and I knew How to get Permission from my parents at that time ☺

One of the biggest decision which i took in my life never regreted was in October 2000.  This was for persuing my higher Education in the UK – A Masters Degree Program. 

Ofcourse, getting an Unconditional offer letter from the University had been a miracle, however taking a decision of going there was a daring one.  The reason being, non-exposed living outside home, never travelled alone, It was already late to the university by two months; I had none in that remote place. Hadn’t booked my flights, visa, accommodation well in advance. I had money exactly the same in my bank which would take care of the flight charges and Visa fees and the University Fees was taken care by my Father.

What are my take always from this biggest Decision in life ? 

Though I didn’t have a mobile, neither a Camera, neither any experience or exposure of outside world.   I Just have this Single picture which was gifted to me at Cathedral Church Sheffield.

I was honoured and was introduced to everyone saying – Sampath is from India, the land and the country of Mahatma Gandhi. It was such a proud moment for me to stand before the gathering and accepting loads of compliments from people whom I never met in life.

Learned a lot, earned my Masters degree, earned lots of outside country exposure, I successfully travelled abroad all alone, I lived all alone, made lots of friends who helped me in that remote place during the needy hours. 

Most importantly I had great revelations while performing my experiments in the research Laboratory!! And the captures and the moments of this experience is beautifully narrated in the Chapter # 3 “Spirituality and Science” in my book – “The Doorway to your Dreams”

Do you have the courage to make any decisions to develop something in your life?

I have been pretty brave person in making any decisions in life and as well making a decision when it comes to swiping my bank card and investing in any of the self development programs.

While you are reading this, have you been fighting in your mind about investing in a Mentor.

Sampath Rani – “Success is in taking a Decision and making things work”