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How are we when it comes to adapting “Change”?

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How are we when it comes to adapting “Change”?

How are we when it comes to adapting “Change”?

“Always be open to Shifts & Opportunities”.

Most People feel safe when staying in routine comforts & they get scared with “Change”, especially when it comes to decision making for shifts & opportunities.

I’ve been always divinely guided when ever it comes to taking any decisions. Quoting few examples in the last 5 years Empowering Journey of my Shift from Full time “Science” to “Spiritual Science” opportunity.

We come across these terms in our Social studies i.e 1,2,3,4 Year or 5 Years Planner – When I look back at my latest 5 Years Calender, it has been really really Inspiring & rewarding. (2015-2020)

– Long pending trip to USA was taken care.

– Shift from Coporate work place to Educational Institution got very well taken care.

– Made time & Saved money to Upgrade my Qualifications to meet the norms whilst on Job:

. Earned One years Full time “Diploma in Child Education and Applied Psychology Certification”

. Earned Two Years Full time “Bachelors in Education Degree in Science”.

– Earned Wonderful work Experiences @ IB – Curriculum, CBSC Curriculum, ICSE Curriculum.

– Made time & saved money to be a part of few Yearly Spiritual Retreats & Courses at Bangalore,Mahabalipuram, Cochin,Vizag,Tirupathi,Hyderabad, Goa, Delhi etc…

– Made time & Saved money to become a Licensed Teacher for “Law of Attraction & later also A Life Coach.

– Made time & saved money to Write & Publish my Books related to Spiritual Science & Law of Attraction.

– Made time for Family & Friends.☺️

More importantly – Whilst being with all the above work spaces, I earned beautiful experiences, Loving memories, Awards, Rewards & recognitions. I am so blessed ! Lots of Love & Gratitude 💕🌏🙏

Conducting Workshops & Empowerment Programs for People, and now reaching to the place where there is no time limit, seasonal break, Lockdown break, Vacation break, or need of calender to get back to work – I am rather On Job all the time and I Enjoy being @ my work station any time and at any space now.

Let me know how has been with you in your decision makings towards Shifts & Opportunities.

Sampath Rani – “Always open to Shifts & Opportunities”