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Harmony Restored: My Journey from Voice Loss to Vocal Triumph

Welcome to ‘Harmony Restored’, a personal narrative of resilience, healing, and the power of music. Here, I share my inspiring journey from experiencing significant voice loss to rediscovering my passion for singing, fueled by the transformative practices of Bach Flower Therapy and meditation. This site is not just my story; it’s a source of inspiration…
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Connect & Stay Aligned Session

The much recent revelation was during the visit to my college – H.K.E’s College of Pharmacy, Kalburgi, I had an opportunity to be a part of Golden Jubilee celebrations-on 7th & 8th Jan 2023. On 8th Jan, after delivering the session for the students at Homeopathic Medical college auditorium. There seems a great connection, there…
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Discover Your True Self

Are you struggling in understanding where you are living and where you want to be? *living in the past guilt, shame, regret, feeling sad or depressed? Or *living in the fear of future, worrying about what could happen, feeling anxious for what is to come ? The Programs at ESES Academy is designed to help…
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The Law of Attraction Foundation Workshop

The Law of Attraction Foundation Workshop The life-changing Law of Attraction workshop will teach you that you need to know about how you can use the Law of Attraction (LOA) to create your dream life. Law Of Attraction is based on the simple concept of ‘like attracts like’, or ‘thoughts become things’, ‘ask, believe, receive’…
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Metaphysics Healings

“Metaphysics Healings – The Instinct /The Cleansing/The Clearing Healing Techniques” The Instinct experience during the In-vitro Scientific Laboratory research work in 2001 at the UK, made me realise the existence of Instinct ENERGY beyond this Body and medicines. When I returned to India in 2003 with my Master’s Degree, I preferred to get my Healing…
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Embrace Vulnerabilities and go beyond

“Embrace Vulnerabilities and go beyond” –     “Early Years Subconscious Programming”  In the Spiritual Science, it is said, 99% of the current life that which we are leading is Early Years Subconscious Programming. Last evening I remembered an age old incident,  crystal clear memory, we were about to break for a summer vacation and…
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Sampath Rani – Guided Meditation for Health & Well-Being

Dear lovely souls on this beautiful Planet, “Just a Minute Meditation” – Feeling that your mind is not having the Calm, Clarity and Confidence during these uncertain times ! You know that meditation can give you all, but afraid you won’t be able to keep up the demands of focused concentration awareness for hours ?…
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Door Way to Your Dreams

Sampath wanted to be a teacher to transform the lives of children. The Universe called her to become a Life Coach to show the path of Law of Attraction to hundreds of Souls. Now the Universe has called her to touch thousands of Souls by becoming an Author. She responded promptly and her response has…
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