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How are we when it comes to adapting “Change”?

How are we when it comes to adapting “Change”? “Always be open to Shifts & Opportunities”. Most People feel safe when staying in routine comforts & they get scared with “Change”, especially when it comes to decision making for shifts & opportunities. I’ve been always divinely guided when ever it comes to taking any decisions.…
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Success is in taking a Decision and making things work

“Success is in taking a Decision and making things work” Ratan Tata said this :- I don’t believe in taking the right decisions. I take decisions and then make it right. There have been so many successful people who have made decisions in life and made it work. What’s the worst that could happen? The…
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Detachment in the Attachment

“Detachment in the Attachment” On this Mother’s Day, Let’s Promise to Return Love & Respect to Mother Earth. Let us help her as she Sustains us. And how do we do that? This is the right platform now to reflect back on all the series of happenings around, just for instance with this Social distancing.…
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The Greatest Manifestors Project

“The Greatest Manifestors Project” I’ve found out the easiest way for anyone to become “The Greatest manifestor” in their lives. Found phenomenal results after experimenting these tools & techniques on myself, as well as on my participants. I see people mostly reacting .. saying…Oh,  I’ve never ever meditated in life !  And few say, ”…
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Value Guided Teachings – “The Secret Tunnel To Abundance via WhatsApp”

Value Guided Teachings – “The Secret Tunnel To Abundance via WhatsApp” Creating Abundance of –  * Love * Peace * Harmony  * In Relationship, Health, Wealth, Prosperity…..and the list goes on! People some time come up with their varied problems saying – It is not possible to attend any self development program as the Venue…
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Massive Focused Conscious Awareness is need of the hour !!

Let us all unite together and create a Focused Massive Conscious Awareness for the planets well-being!! In response to the Corona Virus Outbreak a Global Pandemic!!  India declares – 22nd March 2020 for Sankalp/Sanyam act, Stay at home,  standing with the “One Goal” with single vibration of “Oneness” with an expression of Gratitude at 5pm…
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Do you know what meditation is ?

Do you know what meditation is? Meditation has evolved throughout history, with respect to place, religion, and philosophy. There are many approaches and various ways to meditate, but the ultimate goal remains the same. Meditation is about focusing and we can focus on one or more things. When you focus on One thing of the…
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