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Sampath Rani's Empowering Space

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FGDI GBLSA 2020 | Change, Growth, Evolution and Opportunity

Yet another talk revolving around “Spirituality & Science”, being a part of Global Buisness Leadership Online Summit & Awards 2020 has been a pleasure !!💕🌏

Transformation Immersion

I’m thrilled to be speaking at Sonal Singhal’s The Transformation Immersion. The other side of your greatest fears lives your greatest lives. Sign up now. http://sonalsinghal.com/optin-page It’s not about perfect. It’s about effort and when you bring that effort every single day that’s where transformation happens. That’s how change occurs. Watch me and 8 other…
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The Transformation Immersion

“The world is a mirror into which we look & see our own image.” The turmoil that we observe & experience in outer world is reflective of the unrest in our inner world. Unless we work upon our inner self, there is no meaning left to whatsoever our achievements are because then nothing can bring…
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