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Do you know what meditation is ?

Do you know what meditation is? Meditation has evolved throughout history, with respect to place, religion, and philosophy. There are many approaches and various ways to meditate, but the ultimate goal remains the same. Meditation is about focusing and we can focus on one or more things. When you focus on One thing of the…
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International Womens Day

Always remember – You are that Empowering being, who has The Power within, The strength, The Patience, The Unconditional Love, The Passion to reach to the Stars to Change the World!

Bright and Colourful Life

When you say “I want a better life” is your goal, however- what that better life exactly means? Here you get the vision what your “better life” looks like. For some, a better life could mean in having a good health, creating abundance, Prosperity, money, new car or home. Others may be in seeking a…
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Door Way to Your Dreams

Sampath wanted to be a teacher to transform the lives of children. The Universe called her to become a Life Coach to show the path of Law of Attraction to hundreds of Souls. Now the Universe has called her to touch thousands of Souls by becoming an Author. She responded promptly and her response has…
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Awakening the Conciousness

Awakening the conciousness through Yoga-Meditation and with the Principles of Law of attraction. Learn how to deliberately use Law of Attraction in your life! Come’on and have fun learning through my Coaching sessions which are with a blend of Yoga-Meditation to guide you through the process on how to improve and achieve 👇 • Financial…
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Yoga and Meditation

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