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Discover Your True Self

Are you struggling in understanding where you are living and where you want to be? *living in the past guilt, shame, regret, feeling sad or depressed? Or *living in the fear of future, worrying about what could happen, feeling anxious for what is to come ? The Programs at ESES Academy is designed to help…
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FGDI GBLSA 2020 | Change, Growth, Evolution and Opportunity

Yet another talk revolving around “Spirituality & Science”, being a part of Global Buisness Leadership Online Summit & Awards 2020 has been a pleasure !!💕🌏

My Dad lived a Life with a Great Purpose

While thinking of all those life’s led with a great purpose. My Dad is one of them, He lived a Life with a great Purpose! being a Cancer Doctor, he not only healed and saved life’s of people, but also made impact in the Creative field, he had a deep interest in music and creativity.…
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Every desire is Answered

Every desire is answered”, you may Choose your desires and have fun manifesting them at the right time!! Sometimes its a good idea to go through the memories!! This particular memory has been the result of my focused desire and the quickest manifestation at that time. Now is the time to share a story …☺️…
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The Law of Attraction Foundation Workshop

The Law of Attraction Foundation Workshop The life-changing Law of Attraction workshop will teach you that you need to know about how you can use the Law of Attraction (LOA) to create your dream life. Law Of Attraction is based on the simple concept of ‘like attracts like’, or ‘thoughts become things’, ‘ask, believe, receive’…
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Metaphysics Healings

“Metaphysics Healings – The Instinct /The Cleansing/The Clearing Healing Techniques” The Instinct experience during the In-vitro Scientific Laboratory research work in 2001 at the UK, made me realise the existence of Instinct ENERGY beyond this Body and medicines. When I returned to India in 2003 with my Master’s Degree, I preferred to get my Healing…
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Everything is within me, Just Connect and Stay Aligned

“Everything is within me, Just Connect and Stay Aligned” The Outer self is the mirror of what we are processing inside with the thoughts that we choose to think. On this path of Spirituality, we now know that everything is within us. And when someone wants to know, “How to spot and connect to that…
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Self Responsibility is your power

“Self Responsibility is your power” By this very action of not taking the responsiblity for the self, you are actually giving away the power to Others..by Pointing out as…because of YOU….YOU…YOU… when we switch this to “I’ve the Power to choose the thoughts and think !! and when you do so, you claim the power…
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Achieving Everything Unconditionally

“Achieving everything Unconditionally” When you say, I am going to enjoy and be happy on that day when I get this, when I acheive this, when I meet this…so on and so forth. When you aren’t happy in this process of getting to that place of desitnation of which you chose to have happiness only…
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